Marketing, Advertising & Social Media Compliance

Cost: $19.00

The Internet is rich with promotional opportunities. Whether it’s a post on Facebook or a tweet linking to your new listing, whether it’s a status update on LinkedIn, a virtual home tour on YouTube, or photo collage on Pinterest, there are plenty of different ways to promote your professionalism, highlight your expertise, increase your connections, and showcase your listings.

This course looks at how you can use the unique advertising and marketing opportunities now available through social media to better serve your clients and customers, and further promote your own brand.

Course highlights include:

  • An overview of how consumers—and agents and agencies—are using social media and how this is impacting the real estate industry.
  • A detailed discussion of how to use various social media platforms—including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest—to promote your business and better serve your clients and customers.
  • A look at how various social media platforms differ and how to select the ones that are best for you and your needs.
  • Tips for creating an online marketing strategy.
  • A review of legal and ethical issues surrounding online marketing.
  • A discussion of copyright law, trademarks, and public domain content.
  • Tips for avoiding common social media missteps.
  • Activities and examples to illustrate the practical application of the new information and frame it in everyday context.