Broker's Class - 45 Hour

All real estate office managers, owners or corporate officers must be licensed as a real estate broker or associate broker. This course, approved by NYS, provides the student with the subjects required for licensure as a broker or associate broker. No one will be given a certificate of completion without submitting proof of having taken the 75 hour salespersons course or its equivalent.  A proctored final exam is required before the certificate of completion is issued.  Course and proctored exam must be completed within a year of date of purchase.

Cost: $245.00

  • Cease and Desist Orders
  • Nonsolicitation Orders
  • Rent Regulation
  • Rent Control
  • Rent Stabilization
  • Building Department Searches
  • Zoning
  • Radon Inspections
  • Tidal Wetlands in New York